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Minor scale: Natural, harmonic and melodic

You love melancholic music like the soundtrack from The Fabulous World of Amelie? Learn to play the minor scale and get to know the base for many songs.

Piano Theory, 22.09.2020

Pentatonic: Pentatonic scale in major and minor

A pentatonic is a scale consisting of 5 notes. Pentatonic scales are especially important for improvisation. If you want to play pieces of popular music, you will need them. We will show you the structure of a pentatonic major and minor scale.

Piano Theory, 21.08.2020

Piano Keys: How Is A Piano Keyboard Structured?

Orientation on the piano keyboard is essential for every piano player. In this guide we explain how the piano keyboard is structured and how you can learn it the fastest!

Piano Theory, 05.03.2020