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“I am very pleased with your guitar class. It's a lot of fun and you learn something useful. 4.5 stars.”
Markus B.
“I use music2me to improve my guitar skills. From simple chords to the whole song, everything is included. Learning with music2me is a lot of fun.”
Ilja K.
“I use music2me with varying intensity, free from fixed teaching times. Just the right thing for me - professional guidance for autonomous learning.”
André S.
“I have been practicing with music2me for about 2 years. I can only say one thing: Even at the age of 70 I have no trouble using music2me. I have not seen anything better so far. Clear, concise and systematically structured.”
Gerd E.

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Get to know your guitar teachers Thomas and Mirco

The guitar course is developed and managed by Thomas Dill. He draws on many years of experience as a professional guitarist and guitar teacher; so he knows exactly what really matters when learning and playing the guitar. From the first chords on the guitar, reading music and tablatures to blaring impressive solos – Thomas is your personal guide around the world of the guitar. And if you think you are stuck, Thomas will be happy to help with any problem you have on the guitar.

Our guitar teacher Mirco is your contact person for songs. No matter if legendary rock anthems or ballads picked on the acoustic guitar – Mirco explains the songs step by step so that you can eventually play them to the dedicated background music.

To learn more about the entire team, visit our About us Page.

Save with our music2me combo pass (piano + guitar)

With our music2me combo pass, you get unlimited access to all content for piano and guitar. Benefit from discounts of up to 33%.
You save 33% with the Combo Annual Pass, calculated in comparison to one Annual Pass each for piano and guitar, which were booked separately.

Our music2me online guitar course gives you the choice whether you want to learn electric guitar or acoustic guitar. We have a complete course for beginners for both versions. Special technique modules and songs for both instruments leave nothing to be desired.

No problem. Even some advanced musicians find it difficult to read music. In both guitar and piano courses, we will teach you how to read music step by step. With a little practice and patience, you will at some point be able to play all the pieces at sight.

Of course we cannot promise that we will implement every song you want. However, it is very important to us to include those pieces in the course that are requested frequently. So do let us know which pieces you would like to see in our piano or guitar course.

There is a free trial period of 7 days after registration. If you cancel your registration within this period, you will not be charged anything. In addition, individual videos are also available for free after the trial period without an ongoing membership. For the full scope of the course, however, a paid membership is required.

Our courses are automatically renewed by the duration of the course – depending on the version you choose. However, there is no cancellation period and you can therefore cancel until the day before the renewal starts*. We offer three versions:

  • 1 month – can be canceled every month

  • 6 months – can be canceled every six months

  • 12 months – can be canceled every year

*With some payment methods, cancellations made less than 3 days before the due date may result in the amount being debited despite cancellation, as the amount has already been prebooked 2 days in advance. In such case please contact the support and we will refund your money.

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