"I am very proud of what we have built up with a small team over the past years and how many people we have helped to pave the way to music."
Yacine Khorchi

Yacine Khorchi

Yacine Khorchi is the brain behind our piano course. With more than 15 years of experience as a professional pianist, piano teacher and pedagogue, he ensures lots of fun and maximum learning progress for our students. From selecting the pieces and preparing the sheet music to delivering explanations in the videos and answering piano specific questions in the support team, Yacine really does everything to pave the way for you to become a pianist.

Yacine studied piano for five years at the Hochschule für Musik in Würzburg and completed his studies with a diploma and additional concert diploma. In 2011, he founded the online music school music2me together with his school friend Andreas Kraus. He is also a sought-after live and studio musician.

Thomas Dill

The guitar course is developed and led by Thomas Dill. He draws on his many years of experience as a professional guitarist and guitar teacher, through which he knows exactly what is really important when learning and playing the guitar. From the first fingerings on the guitar, reading notes and tablatures to the pounding of powerful solos - Thomas will guide you through the world of the guitar. And if you get stuck, Thomaswill be happy to help you with your guitar problems in our support. Thomas studied classical guitar at the University of Giessen and electric guitar at MGI Cologne. Since then he works as a guitar teacher, freelance musician, producer and also as an author at Bonedo.de.

Mirco Sontag

Our guitar teacher Mirco is your man when it comes to songs. Whether it's a legendary rock anthem or a ballad plucked on the acoustic guitar - Mirco will explain the songs to you piece by piece before you can play them with our custom-made accompaniment. Like Thomas, Mirco studied classical guitar at the University of Giessen and also studied music education. He has been working as a guitar teacher since 1993 and for music2me since 2015.

Supporting Cast
Of course, online music lessons cannot be taught by teachers alone. The lessons have to be planned, filmed, and edited, the website has to be designed and programmed, and without marketing those willing to learn don't know that music2me even exists. Here you can see all those who make it possible for you to learn the instrument without standing in front of the camera.
Andreas is the idea generator and marketing coordinator at music2me. The common goal is to make learning musical instruments as easy as possible for people. He is a passionate guitarist and has been playing electric guitar since childhood.
Andreas Kraus
Steffen is responsible for the coordination and planning of the teams. For example, he makes sure that all music2me courses are regularly filled with new content. He also plans new recording dates and is the head of our physical products on Amazon and Thomann.de. Since he makes music himself, he can also provide new input musically.
Steffen Roth
Project Manager
Tim has been part of the music2me video production team since September 2016, where he is mainly responsible for the English music2me courses and recording new video lessons. He also takes care of our in-house YouTube channels as well as the company's social media presence.
Tim Stöckinger
Maxi will also be happy to help you with any problems or uncertainties. As a former hobby pianist, she has been part of the team since the beginning of 2021. She can be reached most quickly via our support phone.
Maximiliane Nowotny
New to the team since the beginning of 2020, Kai is responsible for social marketing and thus also manages the social networks Facebook and Instagram. One of his long-standing hobbies is playing the piano, so he easily finds topics for new posts.
Kai Rühl
Social / Marketing
Since September 2020 Daniel has been part of our team and is completing his training as a media designer with us. His main area of responsibility is the video and content production for music2me. He has also been playing various instruments for over five years now. He started with drums and devotes more and more time to the guitar. In this way he contributes significantly to the development of our drum course.
Daniel Binder
Trainee media designer
Chris manages and coordinates all technical aspects of music2me. For example, he makes sure that new features are developed regularly and that our app is always up-to-date. Most important for him is to create a flawless and user-friendly platform for everyone.
Chris Buchheim
Technical Projektmanager
Thomas has been working for music2me as UX designer and programmer since 2017. Besides the development of new features he is responsible for creating designs and implementing them. He made it possible that you can read this text here.
Thomas Brunner
UX Engineer
Our Journey
School friends Andreas and Yacine found music2me to make learning to play instruments easier. In the same year the shooting for the piano course starts.
The music2me piano course goes online with 80 videos after 2 years of work! First users dare the step and learn with the new learning concept.
In the piano course there are new video tutorials and growing user numbers. In addition, filming for the guitar course with Thomas and Mirco is starting.
After only one year of planning and shooting, the music2me guitar course goes live with 100 videos for electric guitar.
The internationalisation begins and so the piano and guitar courses are also produced in English. First videos for acoustic guitar find their way into the guitar course.
A complete redesign and makeover of the website for better usability and overview goes live and offers new features for our video player.
Development and publication of physical products such as learning aids and gift cards. Both courses now include over 200 learning videos each.
An own app for iOS and Android is being developed. The shooting for a drum course starts.