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Learn piano

Immerse yourself in the magic of music as music2me walks you through step by step – from the first notes on the piano to your favorite piece. Learn all important theory in short and fun units. Your teacher Yacine will show you how you can easily learn to read music, what fingerings are and other techniques you need to be a good piano player.

Learn guitar

You want to be the next rock star? Our music2me guitar course is your chance to make your dream come true in no time at all. Your teachers Thomas and Mirco will show you everything from choosing the right instrument, reading music and tabs to playing electrifying guitar solos. With hundreds of videos for electric and acoustic guitar you have access to a wide range of music theory, playing techniques, tips and tricks – and of course numerous songs.

More than 100,000 students have already learned an instrument with music2me.

Here is what they have to say about us
“I am very pleased with your guitar class. It's a lot of fun and you learn something useful. 4.5 stars.”
Markus B.
“I am happy to provide a rating, and a positive one at that. I am very much impressed by you and learned a lot. It's a lot of fun!”
Astrid R.
“I use music2me to improve my guitar skills. From simple chords to the whole song, everything is included. Learning with music2me is a lot of fun.”
Ilja K.
“I took a look around on the Internet and found out: You guys are the best. If I had any questions, I always received a quick, friendly and helpful answer. Thanks!”
Rolf B.

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Save with our music2me combo pass (piano + guitar)

With our music2me combo pass, you get unlimited access to all content for piano and guitar. Benefit from discounts of up to 33%.
You save 33% with the Combo Annual Pass, calculated in comparison to one Annual Pass each for piano and guitar, which were booked separately.
What to expect at music2me?
Try it 7 days for free
Regardless of the chosen term, you can test music2me 7 days for free in advance. During your trial period you can cancel at any time without any charge.
More than 200 video tutorials per course
Each of our courses offers you more than 200 video tutorials with a mix of exercises, music theory and music pieces of various genres... and the library is constantly growing!
Learn from professionals
Thanks to sophisticated concepts from professional music teachers with many years of experience, you will learn everything you need to make music in a structured approach.
For beginners to advanced players
Join our courses, no matter what level of knowledge you are at. Whether you are a beginner, re-starter or already an advanced musician - we have lessons and songs for everyone.
Learn on a device of your choice
Practice whenever and wherever you want – music2me works on your PC, Mac, tablet and even on your smartphone. For more details on compatibility, please refer to our general terms and conditions.
Bonus content
For all pieces and exercises we offer you corresponding sheet music. In addition, there is accompanying music for many pieces, so that you can immerse yourself even more in the songs while practicing. Our quizzes are a playful way to intensify what you have learned.
Personal customer support
Do you have any questions? Contact our support team – conveniently via chat, by e-mail to [email protected] or phone at +49 6021 4228781.
Transparent, secure payment
Choose from the usual payment methods SEPA direct debit, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and PayPal. Your payment details will be kept secure with our professional payment service provider.

music2me is an online music school for piano and guitar. The learning material, including video lessons and sheet music, was designed and produced by experienced music teachers and professional musicians. Our design team ensures that you get a visual impression of what you're playing so you don't miss a note.

There is a free trial period of 7 days after registration. If you cancel your registration within this period, you will not be charged anything. In addition, individual videos are also available for free after the trial period without an ongoing membership. For the full scope of the course, however, a paid membership is required.

Our courses are automatically renewed by the duration of the course – depending on the version you choose. However, there is no cancellation period and you can therefore cancel until the day before the renewal starts*. We offer three versions:

  • 1 month – can be canceled every month

  • 6 months – can be canceled every six months

  • 12 months – can be canceled every year

*With some payment methods, cancellations made less than 3 days before the due date may result in the amount being debited despite cancellation, as the amount has already been prebooked 2 days in advance. In such case please contact the support and we will refund your money.

music2me has been used successfully for many years by music enthusiasts of all ages at different levels of proficiency and is equally suitable for beginners and advanced players. Our online courses are particularly interesting for everyone who would like to learn an instrument independent of a defined time and location.

In addition to an Internet connection, you need a device for playing the videos. music2me runs on almost all common PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

Apart from that, as with any other music classes, all you need is an instrument and of course some motivation and joy.

No problem. Even some advanced musicians find it difficult to read music. In both guitar and piano courses, we will teach you how to read music step by step. With a little practice and patience, you will at some point be able to play all the pieces at sight.

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