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Piano Sticker Set

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Thank you for purchasing the music2me Piano Sticker Set

Below we will explain how to apply the stickers and how to practice with them. On the bottom you will also find a downloadable PDF of this user manual in five different languages.

Included items

Three sticker sets (German, English, Solfege) are included. This manual refers to the English Sticker Set.

  • seven blue note stickers for the left hand.
  • seven red note stickers for the right hand.
  • A sticker showing the note c‘ (middle C). Here the note is indicated both in the bass clef (blue) and in the treble clef (red).
  • A sticker showing the music2me logo.
  • The package also contains a wooden tool to help you apply and smooth the stickers.

What is the best way to apply the stickers?

It is important to clean the piano keys thoroughly before applying the stickers.

  1. To avoid contamination by your fingers, it is best to first remove only the upper corner of the sticker that you want to apply and attach it to the wooden stick supplied.
  2. Now you can remove the sticker completely from the carrier with the help of the stick, attach the lower corner in the middle, and align it to the corresponding key.
  3. Next, carefully hold the top of the sticker with your fingers and release the wooden stick. Use it to smooth the sticker in an upward motion, slowly and evenly from bottom to top, making sure there are no air bubbles. As you’ll be pressing the key itself, and maybe its neighbours as well, we recommend – if possible – to switch off the device beforehand.

What do the letters and characters on the stickers mean?

In which order should the stickers be placed on the keyboard?

There are three stickers that use the music2me font. They are in an interval of an octave which helps you to orientate and also mark the outer ranges of the sticker sets.

First, you should apply the sticker with the c´ (Sticker Set top right) on the C in the middle of the piano keyboard. The figure below shows exactly where the middle C is located on the different keyboard variants (49, 61, 76 or 88 keys). After positioning the middle C, apply the blue stickers in the same order as they appear on the sticker set to the white keys on the left side of c´.

c d e f g a b

The low c is therefore exactly one octave (i.e. 12 semitones or 7 white keys) below the c´. You will find the red stickers to the right of c´ as follows:

The music2me logo sticker can be applied to any key. For example, you can use it to mark the beginning of the next higher or lower octave.

Free sheet music to try

Download free sheet music in your prefered language to try out.