music2me offers online music video lessons. Our learning material was designed and provided by experienced graduated musicians. The high-quality videos are organised in different modules and can be viewed whenever you like.

You can register for free on our platform. Once registered, you get access to the music2me platform, where you can find free video lessons about music in general or the guitar/piano course. Complete courses are only available to those with a paid membership.

Music2me is an online music school. You can teach yourself how to play the piano or guitar with our videos. If you have limited time and don’t want to register at a music school, we are the perfect choice for you. Your age doesn’t matter. You just have to be able to follow the explanations in the videos and have a bit of self-discipline.

music2me endeavours to provide new lessons and extras every month. Our platform is constantly evolving.

We offer three different price models which can be booked via direct debit and credit card (Paypal):

15€ per month

72€ half-yearly

120€ per year (cheapest offer)

The models are debited biannually and annually in the same way as the monthly model. There are no further costs for music2me.

Our monthly packages are automatically extended – but we are very fair and transparent in our pricing. We currently offer three variants:

1 month – can be cancelled monthly

6 months – can be cancelled biannually

12 months – can be cancelled annually

You can cancel at any time until the next debit. In case of unintentional extension you will get your money back within 7 days from the time of the debit! Memberships via a voucher are not automatically renewed.

Basically it is possible to play the exercises and pieces with any keyboard instrument. A piano or digital piano/keyboard/e-piano with 88 keys (complete keyboard) and two pedals would be ideal. If you have a keyboard with fewer keys (e.g. 61 keys) and/or no pedals, you will still be able to play most of the content. With some pieces, the range may be larger than your instrument allows. Nevertheless, the pieces can be played, albeit with some restrictions.

Yes, our piano course starts with the basics, for example how a piano works or how the keyboard is structured. The degree of difficulty increases slowly and, above all, continuously. The complete first module can also be played without knowing how to read sheet music.

Yes. There are numerous pieces of moderate and advanced difficulty. The pieces also explain important musical symbols, so that you not only play, but also refresh old knowledge and learn new things.

Yes, there are fingerings in the videos and in the PDF sheet music that come with every exercise and every piece.

Yes, there are some videos about relationships in harmony theory and also some improvisation exercises.

Yes, for every video that features a played piece or an exercise we provide the sheet music, including fingerings and chord symbols where appropriate. You can view these below the corresponding videos.

In the account settings here on our website, by e-mail to [email protected], by fax or by mail. The termination does not have to correspond to any special form with cover letter etc.

The payment methods available are credit card and PayPal.

music2me is run by a young and ambitious team of experienced musicians. These are both recognised music teachers with a pedagogical background and professional musicians with the skills to communicate in a way you will find easy to understand. You will find more information in the section About us.